October 16, 2019

Old Blue Ribbon Farm | Boston Wedding Photographer

On a warm summer day in the middle of a hot Kentucky summer day, Sabrina & Jack gathered around their family and friends at Old Blue Ribbon Farm to celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives. These two, such sweethearts, can instantly make you smile with the love they have for each other. You’ll see a few unique additions to their wedding. Instead of a unity candle, this couple decided to plant a tree together and their mothers watered it. Sabrina had also lost her father and the couple lit a lantern in honor of him and released it. It was an intimate moment with just close family members, while everyone partied inside. Jack is also a firefighter, so of course they had to include a firetruck. At the end of the evening, the couple rode off on it. It was the perfect day for such a perfect couple.

bride caressing grooms cheek at sunset
groom's shoes and groom getting ready
groom posing with 2 dogs
groom getting ready
whiskey & whiskey glasses and groom with groomsmen
groom & groomsmen posing
groom holding onto jacket posing
Old Blue Ribbon Farm
bride reading letter from groom
groom reading letter from bride
groom walking out with his parents
bride walking out with her brothers
groom watering tree during ceremony
bride & groom first kiss
bride & groom smiling after just being pronounced husband and wife
lower half of bride and groom holding hands
groom dipping bride to kiss her.
groom holding up bride and smiling
two images of bride and groom giving seductive looks
bride and groom walking while groom holds the back of bride's dress
bride & groom kissing while bridal party holds flowers above head
bride & groom kissing while wedding party is goofy
side image of fire truck
cake & flower centerpiece
table setting
selection of bourbon
"Enjoy a Kentucky hug on us" sign
bride & groom first dance
bride & groom dancing
wedding party praying over dinner
bride & groom at sunset under tree
bride & groom interlinked hands
Bride and Groom walking while looking back
bride sitting on groom smiling at each other
bride and groom holding each other with sunset in background
wide shot of bride and groom in front of barn venue
bride & groom walking in sunset looking at each other
2 images of bride and groom kissing on the fire truck/in front of fire truck
bride and groom sitting in front seat of firetruck looking into each other's eyes
Bride & groom kissing in front of barn with doors open while the party happens behind them
bride and groom holding lantern for dad
bride and groom releasing lantern in honor of dad
groom chugging beer while party is cheering him on
bride & groom posing with friends.
bride and groom sparkler exit kissing
bride and groom kissing while waiting to be drove off on the firetruck


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