July 16, 2020

Cape Cod Summer Engagement | Devinn & Tyler


It was the perfect day for a Summer Engagement on Cape Cod. When I left my house, it was 93 degrees and humid but as I got closer to the Cape, I noticed the temperature reading in my car going down. That’s the magic of the Cape. Almost no humidity and 76 degrees when I arrived at the beach house.


Devinn had a family friend that was letting us use his house on the beach for their engagement session. This house had the shake shingle wooden siding common to the what you think of when you think of a house on Nantucket. There was a dock right off from the house. Hydrangeas covered the property. A jetty leading out over the water and a beach with the softest sand you’ve ever put your feet on. It had everything Devinn & Tyler wanted for their engagement session and I wasn’t hating it either ;).


Their pup, Zoey (Zo-Zo), was the star of the show. When I tell you that I’m obsessed with dogs, I don’t say that lightly lol. I even brought a treat for her. Don’t tell Murph!


We ended the session with a splash playing in the water. I love that this couple was up for anything, even with the rock. Their wedding is next summer at the Mack/Underwood Estate and I can’t wait for the big day to be here. I know they are ready too.


Bull Mastiff and couple posing for photo

couple standing on boardwalk on the way to the beach

couple with flag waving in the background

Devinn& Tyler with their dog Zoey

We joke with our dog all the time when we are kissing that he’s a “peeping Tom” …I think Zoey can relate LOL.

Devinn & Tyler with Zoey
couple sitting on steps between hydrangea bushes
Devinn & Tyler walking towards the beach

I had Tyler run up behind Devinn with a couple ideas in mind. Loved how cute her reaction was! 

Tyler running up behind Devinn and picking her up.

I also had Devinn do the same thing to Tyler, except with different ideas.

Devinn running up behind Tyler and jumping on his back

This prompt might have elicited my favorite response though!! 

Devinn pinching Tyler's butt
Devinn & Tyler with sunset in the background on the beach
Devinn & Tyler walking on the beach with sunset in the background
Devinn piggy back riding with her arms wrapped around Tyler

A Summer Engagement on Cape Cod is always a great idea but what made this even better was that this place had meaning to them! That’s always something to keep in mind when you’re choosing a location for your engagement session.


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