October 28, 2019

Ireland in the Fall – 2019 Vacation

Ireland was the result of a tragic ending to a Summer and the start of a fresh Fall. I needed to get away. After everything that had happened with the house, I just needed a break from the world. I told Matt I wanted to fly somewhere and let me know where he wanted to go. He started looking at flights while walking Murph the next morning and found decently priced flights to a smaller airport in Ireland. We both asked for time off and made sure our Rover sitter would be available to watch Murph. By the end of the day, I had the flights, Airbnb’s and rental car booked. I was ready to get away!

If you’re interested in any of the images below, they are available for purchase. Just send me email. I especially love the sheep!! (:

Our little Seat that roared anytime we went up a hill. Still laughing at the anxiety I got when we turned onto a road that had a caution sign of a car tipping upwards and how much I yelled at Matt to turn around because I knew the car couldn’t handle a hill like that.

We didn’t exactly put two and two together when admiring the rainbow. We got to the top of the hill/mountain and it started pouring on us. It was the only part of our trip that rained.


Beautiful! the rainbow shots are amazing!


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